Pilates focuses on creating stability and strength throughout the body. In order to achieve this, we don’t simply work on using the big muscles in the body. Instead, we use correct breathing and centre the body to give us greater control to develop the smaller muscles that are often forgotten about, with particular focus on the CORE.

Yoga postures (asanas) as we know them today are only one part of the traditional philosophy of Yoga. Yoga asanas aim to achieve balance in the body, not just physically but also between mind and body. Vinyasa Yoga is a flow style of yoga where each posture leads to the next, using the breath as a tool to aid movement.

The end result of a good Pilates and Yoga class is a stronger, more balanced and aligned body and mind.

Not sure if Pilates or Yoga is for you/what the difference is? Take a quick look here.

It is recommended participants speak to their GP before beginning a new exercise routine.

Corporate classes
If you would like to organise early morning/lunchtime/evening classes in your workplace or on Zoom, please email clare@amatsu-clondalkin.ie.

Sports clubs
If you are a member of a running club, football team etc. and would like to organise private classes for your team or club, contact me at the email address above.

Private classes
If you don’t feel ready to join a group class, why not try a private one-to-one? Private classes are tailored to the specific needs of the student.

Classes are available through English or Irish.