When I first went to Clare for Amatsu, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Over the years, I have had massage & physio and I assumed it would be similar … not at all!! Amatsu leaves you feeling very relaxed and funnily enough, I felt taller! I have suffered from aches and pains for years and I just felt that Clare really paid attention to it all and did her very best to relieve as much as she possibly could for me. I will definitely be a regular of Clare’s!’Michelle

‘I attended Clare when I was 30 weeks pregnant and suffering with extremely swollen/sore legs and very severe reflux (I couldn’t lie down at night without feeling like something was coming up my neck) and would spend most nights coughing. After Clare treated me the swelling in my legs reduced but more significantly my reflux disappeared immediately after treatment and remained gone for a number of weeks. It only returned just before my due date and drastically reduced in frequency and severity. I credit Clare’s Amatsu for curing my reflux as I had tried many medications with no success.’ – Deirdre

I had tried many different ways to relieve back pain and tension in my leg. Not only were those issues remedied but I was also made aware of their possible causes which helped to be more aware of certain habits to reduce the pain recurring. I would recommend Amatsu with Clare without hesitation. For getting results, she’s unmatched.‘ – Cormac

After having extensive foot surgery, some time ago, for removal of a bunion, hammer toe surgery and problems with the other three toes I attended Clare for treatment. When I first attended I was in a lot of pain and could not move my toes at all. After having a number of sessions with Clare, I can now move my big toe, without any pain, and the other three toes have loosened out. Clare also did some work on my shoulder as it was very stiff and sore and it is now perfect. I found Clare to be very professional and calm and I would highly recommend her.‘ – Mary S.

I frequently get headaches/facial pain caused by my wisdom teeth. A couple of days after having a wisdom tooth removed, I started to get very bad face-/headaches every afternoon/evening. I also had a stiff neck after getting the tooth removed. Clare did some gentle work on my jaw, exactly where the pain was, and at the top of my neck. As she was working, I could feel the pain release in my face and gum – and it hasn’t returned! I will be having other wisdom teeth removed soon and if I experience the same pain or stiffness after those removals I will definitely go back to Clare for help.‘ – Margaret

During summer 2017, I injured my left knee. I would have tried anything to avoid surgery, so I approached Amatsu with some hope and an open mind. Well, all I can say is that Clare, and her Amatsu therapy, exceeded my hopes and expectations by miles! I had several sessions with Clare, and over this time she managed to completely rid me of my knee pain. This gave me my life back – enabling me to drive and climb stairs totally pain free!

In her assessments of my total body, Clare observed that I had an imbalance in the length of my legs. For many years I had not been able to stand for any length of time, such as in a bus queue or chatting to a neighbour, without my back being in excruciating pain all the next day. This was something I’d learned to live with and got around by never standing for too long if I could help it. I had suffered, just working around it when I had to, for over 20 years. Over the course of several sessions with Clare she managed to free me from that excruciating back ache while standing.

I feel so lucky and grateful to have found Clare and Amatsu, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to her. I feel forever in her debt for what she and Amatsu have done for me – so much more than I expected. I’ve been able to avoid surgery and been given my life back, pain free – remaining so to this day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Clare.‘ – Mary H.