About Me

I found Amatsu a number of years ago after suffering a sports injury that left me in almost constant discomfort (if not pain). Having attended a number of traditional physiotherapists and not finding much relief it took me a couple of years (and a further muscle strain!) before I found Amatsu.

After beginning Amatsu treatments the pain from my original injury not only improved but I regained movement and flexibility that I didn’t expect to get back. After further sessions I also discovered that there was a link between my muscle pains and an undiagnosed digestive issue (IBS I later discovered). Without Amatsu I don’t believe I would ever have discovered this link and would likely still be suffering from one or both issues.

Given the huge benefits I received (and continue to receive) from Amatsu, I had to find out more about the therapy and why Amatsu was able to give me answers that other therapies couldn’t. I qualified as an Amatsu therapist with Liath Training School. I am also a certified Pilates mat instructor with Balanced Body through Pilates Performance Ireland (specialising in Spinal Pathologies and Osteoporosis). I completed my 200hr Yoga teacher training with Frog Lotus Yoga International.